You have 6 seconds

3 min readSep 22, 2020

This sentence is where 6 seconds of your life has been wasted.

Do you wish to proceed?


Somehow the last few years we have all become happy baby birds waiting for bite sized chunks of information to be fed into our beaks because we are too weak and feeble to look for our own information. Our insatiable need for ever better user experience has forced us down a path of absolute laziness.

I truly miss the days when I had to go through a drawer of cards to find a book I wanted (computers were still clunky expensive white boxes by big blue decades ago)


Upon finding the book, I would have to go through the index at the back and hope to find what I was looking for (interestingly enough Indexes still exist in books)


If I could not find the information, I might resort to a thesaurus to look for similar words and then return to the index again. If that did not work, back to the drawer and flip through the cards and breathe in the sawdust and mold of the drawers. I think 50% of the knowledge transfer was done genetically through the inhalation of the catalogue card drawers’ mold.




If you are enjoy a laugh at the expense of our corporate overlords, I hope my sense of humour is the cause