Unlimited photos with Google

2 min readJun 1, 2015


With the recent announcement of unlimited photos, I decided to reactivate my auto upload to Google photos (previously, it was eating into my drive space, which I did not like at all)

But yes, you can explore the photos you have uploaded here:

The search feature is pretty darn awesome (it is Google after all)

I tried a few random searches to determine the intelligence of the engine


This yielded a picture of my friend and a cat and myself and a pomeranian

‘Chick’: (Very impressive, it is able to understand ‘chick’ = ‘girls’)

So yes, my female friends are tagged here (together with her toes and my obviously guy friend and myself)


Well, need to go for plastic surgery I guess.

But yes, have fun and try out the searches inside your own album




If you are enjoy a laugh at the expense of our corporate overlords, I hope my sense of humour is the cause