Kickstarter Day 2

2 min readJan 29, 2015


Day 2 results:

Still on target to reaching my goal if the figure stays constant for the next few days.

Some channels I have explored:

  1. Tech In Asia
  2. Kicktraq
  3. Reddit
  4. Boardgamegeeks

Tech In Asia
Nice guy by the name of Terrence replied saying he will have to consult the game lady to see if they would like to promote the game.

Let’s see, fingers crossed

This is a super awesome resource with great analytics to look at the campaign:

Abysmal results. Couldn’t even get past the bot:

Overly honest and painful feedback. I dunno, I still think having things somewhat ambiguous is good. But yeah, I really think it’s nice for the person to give a very very balanced review.

I’ll be heading out to Chennai in a few hours, so hopefully by the time I return, the backers would have increased. And meanwhile, please help to share and support the project. I will be making changes and adding more parts to the project.





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