IBM Watson X TED

2 min readJun 2, 2015

Received my alpha to try out IBM Watson X TED (yes being an IBMer does not immediately open doors for, I too need to apply for access, if you’re interested head to:

This is at the bottom of the page

Anyways, exciting stuff. I received my email while out at a standout comedy earlier:

And I am greeted by a very un-IBM like page (it’s totally different from the complicated mess I see at work everyday):

Mousing over topics on the right highlights the videos that have something to do with ‘humans’ (Ok I’m not quite sure how they tagged it):

Of course I had to try out the question box:

You see the snippets of the video that talk about the keywords in your question (still a tad underwhelming for now, I hope the beta will be a lot better)

Overall this is a good start… looking forward to a much better to search for TED videos and hopefully the rest of human knowledge.




If you are enjoy a laugh at the expense of our corporate overlords, I hope my sense of humour is the cause