Acceleration — A guide

4 min readSep 12, 2020

This serves as a map for those who are looking to join an accelerator and start up their own business.

Disclosure: I did not make it pass the first stage of the program with Antler Team. This is a map I made with my dying breath that I bequeath unto you. Hopefully it will help to provide guidance, minimally be less lost 🤪

Created with the most advanced graphics tool: G slides (more importantly credit goes to noun project folks for their amazing cute images)

Quick Intro

This is meant to be imagined like a board game (or bored game). The flow co-founder to Go to market is a recommended flow. You can change the order to suit your liking ie you could start with solution first and then force fit a problem onto it (blockchain anyone?). Based on pitch decks, the flow will help to cover the key points you wish to make. If validated properly you should be able to hopefully raise money


This is what you may have or what you may need to use


This is a resource that cannot be replenished

For the program we all had 8 weeks to justify our existence in return for a bag of money to prolong our survival


If you already have this and are looking for a 100X return and 2000X the pain for doing so, then startup is the path for you


Some co founders may have a pool of users ready either through their awesome networks or just general affability to charm people with their smile or muscular biceps

If not you will need to go through resource conversion to acquire them

Resource conversion

Acquiring users

Based on the diagram you can use either time or money or time & money to acquire users. So far from experience the time and money approach seems to be the easier option. Especially in the B2C space. Ie make Zuckerberg richer than he already is, because where else are you going to go to manipulate politics as a product?

Acquiring money

This would only be unlocked after Go to market is successfully achieved. Users will pay to use your product

The flow

co founder




If you are enjoy a laugh at the expense of our corporate overlords, I hope my sense of humour is the cause